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Welcome to MEPI – the Minnesota Employment Policy Initiative. The purpose of MEPI is to develop leadership and facilitate dialogue around disability and employment policy that will result in the increased employment of Minnesotans with disabilities in the competitive labor force and promote Minnesota’s value proposition:

"We need everyone in the workforce for businesses to thrive and communities to prosper."

MEPI works with numerous stakeholder partners to align policies, services and practices to increase competitive employment of people with disabilities and meet Minnesota’s workforce needs. MEPI also works in close collaboration with the Minnesota Employment Training and Technical Assistance Center (MNTAT) to maximize the impact of employment policy and practice across Minnesota. APSE, in conjunction with Minnesota APSE, provides leadership for MEPI. MEPI was originally funded as an initiative of Pathways to Employment, Minnesota’s Medicaid Infrastructure Grant during 2009 and 2010. Contact us with suggestions, comments or questions.

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