Jennifer entered the financial services industry in 2004 and became a certified financial planning professional to help people. Like, really help people.

After nearly ten years at an investment advisory firm, where she was a shareholder, she left to write a book and eventually founded her own practice. As a financial planner she specializes in qualified retirement plans (401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing, etc.) and realized she was most energized and fulfilled after days of meeting one-on-one with employees. Mostly because she was helping people and that was what makes her tick. Her goal in every meeting is to provide an “ah ha” moment. This can come in the form of simplifying a complex topic in a way you’ll understand, asking a question in a way you’ve never thought of, or making a concept more relatable to encourage you to take action. Jennifer now focuses on bringing these valuable meetings to everyone, working virtually with clients for a flat fee regardless of their assets, net worth, or location.