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Overview: D&B;, or Dun & Bradstreet, is a long-established name in business information services, founded in 1841 as the Mercantile Agency. D&B; is headquartered in Short Hills, NJ. D&B;’s major product lines include:

  • Business Credit Reports
  • Company Lists and Company Information
  • Supplier Information Reports
  • Hoover’s Business Information

Job Openings: See this list of current job openings.

Size: D&B; reports these figures as of October, 2008:

  • Employees = 4,900 worldwide
  • Annual Revenues = $1.6 billion
  • Business Records = 141.4 million

Positives: D&B; is a respected name in business and financial information services, and is the leader in business credit reports (which cover a much larger universe of companies than do the rating agencies). Information provided by D&B; is vital to the operations of many businesses in many industries. Its system of unique 9 digit D-U-N-S numbers is long established as the standard identification system for businesses.

Despite the challenging business environment, D&B;’s financial results in the third quarter of 2008 were up strongly from the same period in 2007. One result of the credit crisis may be increased reliance on D&B; data on the creditworthiness of customers and suppliers.

D&B; ranks first among financial information firms in Fortune Magazine’s list of the America’s Most Admired Companies.

Negatives: While D&B; offers a comprehensive menu of employee benefits, and has a detailed talent assessment process aimed at enhancing employee development, the latter may appear unduly bureaucratic to some people.

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