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Lipper Overview: Lipper Analytic Services was founded in 1973 by Michael Lipper to track mutual fund performance. In 1998 he sold the firm to what is today Thomson Reuters. Lipper is headquartered in New York and offers these products:

  • Mutual fund and hedge fund analysis, ratings and indices
  • Publishing services for institutions
  • Fiduciary and retirment plan services and analytics

Lipper data is a featured offering of various financial websites, including these:


Size: Lipper reports these figures:

  • Employees = 490
  • Funds tracked worldwide = 140,000

Positives: Lipper is a respected leader in its field, which it pioneered. It is thus a good place to learn the craft of securities research. As a small unit of a larger financial data conglomerate, it can appeal to people who prefer working for a smaller firm, yet to have the career opportunities that a larger company offers.

Negatives: As a small business unit, career opportunities within Lipper can be limited.

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