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Overview: Fitch Ratings has dual headquarters in New York and London. It is a majority-owned subsidiary of Fimalac, which is headquartered in Paris. For Fitch, the main lines of business include:

  • Credit Ratings
  • Derivatives Ratings
  • Structured Finance Surveillance
  • Analytical Training (credit analysis, corporate and structured finance)

Job Openings: See this list of current job openings.

Size: The Fitch and Fimalac websites are riddled with inconsistent, missing and old data, so there are variations in these figures:

  • Fitch Group employees = 3,103
  • Fitch Ratings employees = 2,361
  • Structured finance analysts = over 500
  • Structured finance transactions under surveillance = over 8,500
  • Banks and other non-insurance financial institutions rated = over 3,500
  • Insurance companies rated = over 2,500
  • Corporate analysts = over 250
  • Non-financial corporations rated = over 2,000
  • Offices (worldwide) = about 50
  • Covers issuers in over 100 countries
  • Public finance offices in the U.S. = 6

Positives: Fitch claims global leadership in rating banks, other non-insurance financial institutions, and insurance companies, in terms of the numbers of institutions rated. It also asserts leadership in rating structured finance and derivatives. Fimalac, the corporate parent of Fitch, also owns Algorithmics, a Toronto-based international company in financial risk management. Fimalac has divested a number of industrial businesses, and these are its only two subsidiaries at present. Fitch began issuing ratings in 1927.

Negatives: The Fitch and Fimalac websites get failing grades for consistency and completeness of company data. For many key metrics (like employees), several conflicting numbers can be found across the sites. This is a poor advertisement for the company and the quality of its work. Also see the rating agencies overview.

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